Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration Bonds

How does the process work?
Once a Detainee has been granted bond by a judge and upon completion of contracts, signatures, and payment, we would submit a bond for your loved one’s release.
Who can qualify as a signer on the bond?
Anyone who is legal within the United States, employed with a steady income, and has a valid ID qualifies as a signer. Depending on the case, we may need additional signers.
My loved one is detained in a different state, do you service other states?
We are based in California; however, our service is nationwide due to E-bond availability.
What is an Immigration Bond?
An Immigration Bond is an amount of money set by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or by an immigration judge. The Full amount must be paid. This serves as guarantee of the detainees appearance for all proceedings.
How long does it take to get released from a detention center?
If the payment is made and all documents are signed, the detainee may be released the same day (depending on the window of the housing facility). Holidays and weekends are non-operational due to availability of immigration.
What is the term “alien”?
For purposes of US Immigration law, an alien is anyone who is physically present in the United Sates (US) and is not a United States Citizen (USC). An alien’s presence in the US may be either lawful or unlawful.
What is collateral and what is it needed for?
Collateral is anything of value that is placed with the bond agent as security for the bond. Once the account is settled and the bond is cancelled by ICE, your collateral may be returned.
Do you help locate our family members that have been detained by ICE?
Yes, we do help locate your loved ones that have been detained by ICE.
How does a detainee get a bond amount set?
Bond amounts are set by an immigration judge or a deportation officer within the facility based on various factors: priors, previous deportations, flight risk, etc.

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