The 2 Outcomes of Posting Bail


What happens when you post bail? What are the side-effects if a defendant skips a court date? We will discuss these questions in detail throughout this post, though the most important thing to know is that bonds work best when a defendant shows up to court. If not, the defendant and the person who signed the bond could be in for some serious trouble.

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How Bail is Set


Judges set bail based on a number of factors, many of which we will outline in the following paragraphs. The amount they set is important for you, the person responsible for bailing someone out of jail, because it determines the type of collateral you will need to secure a bond.

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From Arrest to Bail: The Bonding Process


“Due process” is a process, after all, and being arrested is no different. Law enforcement officers have to follow the same steps to charge and book an accused person before putting them in jail. Next, a number of factors come into play that determine whether or not that person will stay in jail for a longer amount of time.

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Questions to Ask A Bail Bond Company


Here is a brief rundown of what you need to know before posting bail with a bail bond agent.

Before Calling

Before you call a bail bond agent, it’s important to have a few pieces of information on hand. Here are a few questions you need to be prepared to answer to move the process along:

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Expert Advice for Securing a Bail Bond


Here are some need-to-know tips for defendants and friends/family members of defendants in need of a bail bond:

“Bail” vs. “Bonds”

Though they are used for the same reason, there is a big difference between bailing someone out of jail and getting a bond. Bail is cash, or when a person pays the court directly. A bond, or “surety” bond, is when your friends or family members use a third party (i.e. a bondsman) to front the money for bail.

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10 Practical Tips for Bail Bond Customers


If you’re in a pinch and need a bail bond, it’s important to know the ins and outs of bail surety, the process, and how much a bond will actually cost you. This is why Bail Hotline has put together a comprehensive list of bail bond tips to get you started, whether you’re a defendant or concerned friend trying to get someone out of jail.

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Bail Hotline, Fastest Growing Bail Bonds Company in California, Launches New Site


California’s rapidly-rising bail bonds company, Bail Hotline, announces its new website—the latest component in its robust service offering. 

Riverside, California, June 29, 2014 – Bail Hotline is the fastest growing bail bonds company in all of California, with a robust organizational structure that allows it to serve an ever-expanding population of clients—thousands of people and families every month. Already the company has 32 locations and more than 300 employees, plus an around-the-clock service line. Now, Bail Hotline has added another asset to this robust service structure—a newly launched website, which boasts a sleek and intuitive design and ample information for clients. The new site has been launched at

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