Pandemonium 6

Bail Hotline Model at Booth for Event

Bail Hotline Sponsors Pandemonium 6

On March Saturday March 6th, thousands of energetic fans gathered to watch a number of MMA and boxing matches at the Riverside Convention Center. This Event scheduled such fighters as Jamie Yager and Carla Espinoza. The Bail Hotline was one of the sponsors of this event.

As the fights progressed, fans were able to attend a Bail Hotline Booth, where they could play games and win free Bail Hotline merchandise such as shirts and lanyards. Bail Hotline likes to give back to the community by supporting MMA fighters and boxers.

Some of the fighters that this company has supported are Jamie Yager and Jason House(the founder of Iridium Sports Agency).  Bail Hotline works closely with Iridium Sports Agency; a top of the line sports agency that helps fighters find sponsorships for their future bouts in the ring.

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