What are the Benefits of Bail?

Anyone can be affected by the legal system in America. Even minor charges can land a person in jail from time to time. The Constitution protects people accused of crimes, by ensuring that a bail amount cannot be excessive for the alleged crime committed. Securing bail is the quickest way to get out of jail, but freedom isn’t the only benefit that comes with getting out on bail.

Working on Your Defense

When a person plans on fighting a charge against them, they need time to prepare their defense. This is not a simple job from the confines of a jail cell. A person cannot travel to find witnesses or collect evidence if they are in jail. Posting someone’s bail ensures that they can prepare themselves for what could be a lengthy trial.

Keeping a Job

Unfortunately for many people their jobs will not wait for them if they miss work due to being arrested. The days missed can be numerous if a person doesn’t post bail soon after it is set. Even if they don’t get fired from their job they might lose several days’ worth of pay, which can equate to thousands of dollars lost while waiting for trial. Bail bond agencies can usually post bail for someone within hours, ensuring they miss absolutely no work.

Avoiding Arrest Altogether

Most people think that they would have to actually be arrested for a bail amount to be set. This is not always the case. Several charges have a preset bail amount that a person can pay and not even be arrested. Bail bond agencies can also run a warrant check for you and post the preset bail amount if a warrant is found.

Taking Care of Your Family

Anyone that has a family knows taking care of it is a full time job. Being confined in a jail cell takes away from the time a person needs for family duties. Even a few days away from a person’s family can be detrimental. Having bail posted as soon as a bail amount is set can get a person back to their family in just a few hours.


Having bail posted soon after, or even before being incarcerated will ensure that a minimal number of people know about the situation. A person who has bail posted quickly may not miss any work, social events or any other event where their absence would be noticed. Bail bondsmen can quickly post bail without your having to come up with a substantial amount of cash. This can make the whole release process go even faster.

Securing bail after being arrested is the most important thing a person can do to get their life back to a semblance of normal. Face bail amounts can be extremely high without actually being considered “excessive.” Luckily there are bail bond companies that will post bail for a person for only 10% of the actual bail amount. They also have payment plans, which helps to level the playing field so most anyone can get out of jail once a court has set a bail amount.

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