Drunk in Public Arrest California

If you go out with friends or family and have a few drinks in California, but you’re not driving, you may think that you aren’t at risk for facing an alcohol-related arrest. Unfortunately, many people each year find out that, even though they aren’t driving, having a bit too much to drink can lead to a charge of Drunk in Public, also known as DIP or public intoxication.

How a DIP Charge Occurs

The charge of DIP usually happens when a person is intoxicated on a public sidewalk or street, but it could happen in virtually any public place, including parks. Most California police officers and sheriff’s deputies make DIP arrests when an intoxicated individual is impeding the flow of traffic on a public way, or when the person has become a danger to their own safety or the safety of others. In addition, officers are given discretion in issuing these types of charges, and as a result, some intoxicated individuals will be charged with DIP if they simply cause a disturbance.
It Can Only Get Worse

In addition to being charged with DIP, one of the other problems with being intoxicated in public is that it can lead to behavior that may incur additional charges. Often, intoxicated individuals will start fights, make inappropriate remarks or gestures, vandalize property, urinate openly and more. These types of behaviors can then be charged separately on top of the charge of DIP, ultimately compounding the situation.

Getting Back Home

Thankfully, many individuals who are arrested and charged with DIP are offered the opportunity to post bail in order to be released from jail until they go before a judge. In these instances, partnering with a professional bail bond agency is one of the best moves you can make, to ensure a quick release; when you’re intoxicated you are not in control and may otherwise find yourself at the mercy of unruly or hardened criminals. Bail Hotline will work with you to arrange a payment plan that fits your needs and your budget, and will also accept various forms of collateral.
It’s Not Over ‘til It’s Over

If you are offered bail by a judge, keep in mind that being released from jail does not mean that your charges are dismissed. Depending on the specifics of your case and your legal defense strategy, you may still need to appear in court for a trial related to your DIP or other charges, and you may still be convicted. Your bail agreement will also need to be fulfilled whether you are convicted or not. Before agreeing to receive bail from a bonding agency, ensure that you understand its terms and conditions fully.
Remember, alcohol-related offenses don’t always happen while driving; although, in California and other states you can be issued a DUI charge for merely having your keys in the ignition if you’re intoxicated and in your vehicle. You should always exercise caution when drinking, and it’s a good idea to have a sober friend or family member with you if you decide to go out. If you do find yourself facing a DIP or DUI charge, you should then contact a bail bonding agency and a defense attorney for help as soon as possible. 

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