Santa Clara County’s Bail Schedule

 Knowing the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system can benefit everybody regardless of their lifestyle. This is severely evident by the fact that there have been 297 people convicted of crimes, imprisoned and then later exonerated after work from The Innocence Project proved their innocence. There have even been people released from death row after this work. This goes to show that even innocent people should know the inner workings of the law.

One thing that everyone should know is that it isn’t necessary to wait in jail to receive bail from a judge. If you’ve been arrested in Santa Clara County, contact either the San Jose or Martinez Bail Hotline locations to find out if you’re bail-eligible without stepping a foot into a courtroom.

What is a Bail Schedule?

Santa Clara County’s bail schedule was decided upon by the county’s superior court. The schedule has a long list of offenses that a person may be charged with, and a preset bail amount related to each of those charges. The bail amounts may seem high, due to the fact that America has some of the highest bail amounts in the civilized world. However, bail bond agencies in California can actually secure a person’s release with only a fee of 10% of their preset bail amount. This can also preempt a judge from raising your bail amount after considering the facts of the specific case.

Specific Bail Amounts

Santa Clara County’s 2012 bail schedule lists numerous crimes and, as to be expected, some of them are so heinous that the County considers them unbailable; first and second degree murder are two of these. Then there are other crimes that do have a preset bail amount, but that amount is so high that it is obvious the county doesn’t want the accused back on the streets. Possessing or using weapons of mass destruction, for instance, will garner a person a one million dollar bail amount. These crimes are extreme examples of how harsh bail amounts can be, but there are many with relatively low bail in exchange for your freedom while awaiting trial.

Vandalism is one crime for which bail isn’t excessively high. It’s set at one-thousand dollars, which means a person could actually get out of jail with only $100 using a bail bond agent. A person who impersonates a peace officer in Santa Clara County faces a bail amount a bit more severe, requiring a $5,000 bail amount, as does someone who unjustifiably abandons his or her spouse. Just because these crimes don’t require a million dollar bail amount, does not mean they are not taken seriously within the county. Santa Clara County takes crime very seriously. It actually has one of the most inclusive and specific bail schedules in the entire state of California.

With the use of a bail bond agent and the county’s bail schedule, it is possible to get out of jail within just a few hours and refrain from missing any work. Time outside of jail is every defendant’s friend, whether or not they are guilty. Quickly securing your freedom will ensure you have the most time possible to contact a lawyer and prepare your defense, and return to the family that depends upon you.


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