March of Dimes

Bail Hotline at March of Dimes
Bail Hotline at March of Dimes

On Saturday April 28th, Bail Hotline showed their love and support for the March of Dimes by walking 6 miles around downtown Riverside to help raise money in the fight to prevent birth defects and premature births.  Many families and businesses from Riverside County participated in the March for Babies.  The walk began at the local Riverside Community College.  There were many different teams walking and one of which raised over 100 million dollars for the cause.

Bail Hotline at March of Dimes

Some of Bail Hotlines very own team included Lisa Fernandez, who initiated the participation in the event, Jennifer Velez and Darrin Ramirez.  The walk took about 2 hours to complete and all of the Bail Hotline team crossed the finish line.  Bail Hotline looks forward to working with the March of Dimes in the years to come.  Bail Hotline Focuses on great events like these to give back to the community.

Lots of People Showing Support


Showing Our Support

Lynwood Jail New Inmates

Lynwood jail receives new inmates from Men's Central Jail - Los Angeles

Sheriff Lee Baca may decide to close off the older portion of the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles County. This part of the jail has been troubled by inmate killings, poor supervision and guards using excessive force.

The older section of the jail was built in 1963 and contains the older-style of long rows of jail cells that makes it more difficult to supervise inmates and jailers. The proposed plan is to move approximately 1,800 inmates to the Lynwood jail facility. Among them are some of the most violent offenders in the county. At this time, the Lynwood jail houses only female inmates.

In March 2006, CRDF officially re-opened Lynwood jail to be utilized as an all female jail facility. CRDF will continue to provide a booking center at Lynwood jail for Century Station, Compton Sheriff’s Station and for all female prisoners.

Instead of the antiquated rows of cells, Lynwood jail allows to have inmates in the more modern circular cell configuration with a security booth in the center. This will enable deputies to better-supervise the inmates without having to walk down long rows of cells to see what they are doing.

Right now, the Men’s Central Jail houses nearly 4,500 inmates, making it one of the largest detention facilities in the world. The third floor, also called the 3000 floor, keeps the county’s most dangerous inmates, including gang leaders and killers.

For additional information about Lynwood jail, please click here: Lynwood Jail

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