Riverside, California Hosts Tamale Festival for Community

On Saturday, April 21st, 2018 Riverside, California hosted a tamale festival for the community in order to fundraise for the Trujillo Adobe. The festival took place this past weekend at White Park in California, during the 2nd weekend of another HUGE music festival, Coachella in Inland Empire. Although this event was not as big and as loud as Coachella Arts and Music Festival, it sure brought awareness to the community with the festival bringing large donations for the cause. Continue reading

Volunteer Ideas for Businesses That Want to Get Involved

The holidays are around the corner and now is the perfect time to lend a helping hand to your community. At Bail Hotline Bail Bonds we show our appreciation and support by volunteering regularly for a variety of good causes. Here are few examples of ways your business can also give back this year!

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Bail Hotline Bail Bonds Donates $5,000 to Support Vegas Shooting Victims

Support Vegas Shooting Victims

Bail Hotline Bail Bonds Donates $5,000 to Support Vegas Shooting Victims
In the aftermath of the tragic Las Vegas Route 91 Festival shooting, local California bail bond
company, Bail Hotline Bail Bonds, is taking action to show their support. Bail Hotline is donating
$5,000 to victims from the Southern California region, with efforts to help unify the community
during this tragedy. As a family-owned company known for “Keeping Families Together,” it was
second nature for the Bail Hotline owners, the McGuire brothers, to get involved and help
families impacted by the mass shooting.

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Bail Hotline Annual Backpack Giveaway in Logan Heights


Bail Hotline Bail Bonds to Host Annual 1,000 Backpack Giveaway for Students at Boys & Girls Club in Logan Heights Since 2010, the California Company has hosted back-to-school backpack giveaways in San Diego and will be joined by Sombrero Mexican Food with 500 free burritos at this year’s flash event

San Diego, Calif. (September 9th, 2015)–Bail Hotline Bail Bonds (www.mybailhotline.com), the premier company servicing all of California with comprehensive bail bonds services and assistance, will host its back-to-school backpack giveaway of 1,000 backpacks at the William J. Oaks Branch Boys & Girls Club (2930 Marcy Ave.) for students in nearby elementary schools on Tuesday, September 9th, 2015.

After successful giveaways in San Diego and neighboring counties since 2010, team members from Bail Hotline will gather at the Boys & Girls Club to distribute the backpacks and free mini burritos from Sombrero Mexican Food (www.sombreromex.com) at noon, in accordance with nearby schools’ scheduled dismissal times. Students at Burbank Elementary School, Rodriguez Elementary School and Logan Elementary School have been notified of the giveaway, which will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“It’s an honor for Bail Hotline to be welcomed by the William J. Oaks Boys & Girls Club again this year and provide these students with brand new backpacks for a successful 2015 – 2016 school year,” said Marco McGuire, CEO of Bail Hotline Bail Bonds. “We’ve seen the impact new school supplies can have on students academics and overall productivity, so we’re proud to be a positive driver of that, year after year.”

During past years’ giveaways in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino, all 1,000 backpacks were gone within less than an hour.

“It’s a great gesture that Bail Hotline Bail Bonds continues to carry out, donating backpacks to assist our youth with their school endeavors,” said William J. Oakes Branch Manager Ricardo Sandoval. “It shows how the community cares about our youth, which is what our organization prides itself in.”

The William J. Oaks Branch of the Boys & Girls Club is an age-appropriate place of physical and emotional safety and stability for its club members, where they have structure and clearly defined boundaries. The youth that are part of its organization are able to build strong, positive connections with adult role models and their peers.

Bail Hotline Bail Bonds is actively involved in the community, carrying out monthly community service efforts and outreach events.

To find a Bail Hotline Bail Bonds location nearest you, visit www.myBailHotline.com or call 866-974-7360 for immediate assistance.

Bail Hotline Hollenbeck Event


Today, meeting such a great man such as Danny Hernandez (President & CEO) & hearing Arnold Swarzenegger speak about coming to our Country as an immigrant with no one and nothing but himself was humbling. (Powerful Men giving back selflessly)

When Arnold talked about not having anything and not knowing anyone but yet strangers at his gym gave him Christmas presents! That was awesome. Because of something some of us may see as so simple, it can be life changing for one person and for Arnold it was.

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Parole Violations | California PC 3056


California takes all types of crimes very seriously, and in many circumstances, those convicted of criminal activity will face prison time. Fortunately for these individuals, the option of parole exists. This allows a person to be released from prison early and serve the remainder of their sentence under parole supervision. If that person is accused of violating their parole by not following their conditions or by committing another crime, however, they can be rearrested for a parole violation. This is a serious arrest, and everyone facing it should realize what these consequences could be.

What is a Parole Violation?

When a person is released from prison on parole, they are given a set of conditions that they must follow. The commission of any further crime is usually an automatic violation of these conditions. Additionally, other factors, such as failing a drug test, can count as a violation and lead to a person’s rearrest.

Prior to 2013, parolees could be sent back to jail to serve the remainder of their sentence after having their parole revoked by the Board of Parole Hearings. Since this time, however, an individual can be sent back to prison by a court’s decision. Those who are found to not have violated their parole will be free again, but their initial parole terms, conditions and time frame will still exist.

Bail Amounts for Parole Violations

Bail amounts for parole violations aren’t the typical ones that most people face. A person who is arrested for parole violation because they are accused of a new crime, for instance, will face the bail amount for that crime. Unfortunately for these individuals, parole violations will enhance these bail amounts. In Los Angeles and Sacramento Counties, for example, a person will face a $25,000 enhancement on whatever their base bail amount is.

These incredibly high financial burdens can obviously be difficult for anyone to meet. Since an individual can be held for up to 180 days on a parole violation, this can lead to a sometimes unfairly extended incarceration term. This is a charge you would definitely want to speak with an experienced bond agent at Bail Hotline about, to determine what the possibilities and costs of posting bail might be in your circumstance.

Penalties Related to Parole Violations

The penalties related to parole violations may be very familiar to a person who isn’t victorious at their revocation hearing. This is because they will often simply be sent back to prison to finish out the full term that they were initially sentenced to. This means that regardless of whether a person was released on parole during a three year sentence or a 50 year sentence, they’ll be forced to spend the rest of this time imprisoned.

Additionally, if a person’s parole is revoked due to the commission of a new crime, they’ll also face sentencing for that crime if they’re convicted. This can turn a sentence of a few years into a potential lifetime behind bars.

An accusation of parole violation can land a person, who may have strived to achieve parole in the first place, back into prison. This is why an individual who is charged with this violation should quickly seek legal help in order to increase their chances of not facing incarceration. There’s no doubt that those in this situation face a difficult road ahead, but with the right preparation and assistance, this task isn’t insurmountable.


Ventura Office Grand Opening!

Ventura, Calif. (May 21, 2012)— Bail Hotline Bail Bonds, servicing clients throughout California with comprehensive bail bonds services and assistance, announced the opening of its newest office in Ventura, CA.

The Ventura bail bonds office for the Bail Hotline team is located at 1730 Victoria Ave Suite 210 Ventura, CA, located in the Ralph’s shopping center.

“Operating right up the street from the police department will allow us to offer faster and better services to our clients,” said Marco McGuire, CEO of Bail Hotline Bail Bonds. “Our business is two-fold, in that both our comprehensive services go hand-in-hand with being easily accessible to our clients and local detention facilities.”

Marco McGuire will be managing the new Bail Hotline Ventura bail bonds location, which can be reached at (805) 654-5454.

San Diego’s “Best Moms”

Image Copyright: San Diego Home Cooking

San Diego Home Cooking & Bail Hotline is looking for

San Diego’s “Best Moms” this Mother’s Day

Ten mothers will be chosen for a complimentary brunch at San Diego Home Cooking, and a spa day, donated by Bail Hotline Bail Bonds


San Diego Home Cooking and Bail Hotline Bail Bonds are looking for San Diego’s “Best Moms,” this Mother’s Day. The two local, family-owned companies are encouraging guests to come into SD Home Cooking and nominate their moms during the month of April for a complimentary Mother’s Day meal and spa day.

Guests can fill out a nomination form at any of the five San Diego Home Cooking locations during the month of April. At the end of the month 10 moms will be chosen for a complimentary meal in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Winners will be chosen based off the written description, answering, “What makes your mom the best and why does she deserve a special day of pampering?”

“Our mothers are often one of the most important figures in our lives. We wanted to find a way to show gratitude to local moms,” said Mel Makaric, Owner of San Diego Home Cooking. “We look forward to reading all the submissions. We know it’ll be a difficult choice!”

Bail Hotline Bail Bonds will also provide a gift certificate for a spa day for each of the 10 selected moms. “It’s important for us to show our support for San Diego’s moms and really enhance their ‘special day’ in any way we can,” said Pablo Fonseca, Director of Marketing for Bail Hotline Bail Bonds. “Our continuous support of the San Diego community reflects our company’s own values and good practices. Who doesn’t owe a ‘thanks’ to their mom?”

San Diego Home Cooking is accepting nominations at all five locations: Mission Valley, Lakeside, Lake Murray Café, Centre City Café (Escondido) and Café 56 (Carmel Valley).

For more information, visit www.sandiegohomecooking.com or call (858) 484-5789.

About San Diego Home Cooking

San Diego Home Cooking offers traditional American comfort food and homemade Hungarian dishes. Each Café makes fresh daily dinner rolls, biscuits, secret recipe homemade dressings, hearty soups, gravies, house-ground hamburger patties, oven-roasted turkey breast and a large selection of “mama’s” homemade pies. San Diego Home Cooking opened as the Center City Cafe in Escondido in 1997. Since then, owner Mel Makaric has opened four additional San Diego locations including Cafe 56, Lake Murray Café, Mission Valley Café and Lakeside Cafe.

All five San Diego Home Cooking restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of choices spanning an extensive menu and offer affordable prices in a family-friendly setting. For more information, visit www.SanDiegoHomeCooking.com.


San Diego’s “Best Moms” Revealed

Bail Hotline Bail Bonds teamed up with local, family-owned restaurant group, San Diego Home Cooking, to search for San Diego’s “Best Moms” this Mother’s Day. Guests submitted nominations at all five of the San Diego Home Cooking restaurants during the month of April and 10 winners have now been chosen!

Ten mothers were chosen based off the written description answering, “What makes your mom the best and why does she deserve a special day of pampering?” Winners were given a complimentary brunch at San Diego Home Cooking and a spa day at a local salon and spa, donated by Bail Hotline.

Congratulations moms, you deserve it!