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California takes all types of crimes very seriously, and in many circumstances, those convicted of criminal activity will face prison time. Fortunately for these individuals, the option of parole exists. This allows a person to be released from prison early and serve the remainder of their sentence under parole supervision. If that person is accused of violating their parole by not following their conditions or by committing another crime, however, they can be rearrested for a parole violation. This is a serious arrest, and everyone facing it should realize what these consequences could be.

What is a Parole Violation?

When a person is released from prison on parole, they are given a set of conditions that they must follow. The commission of any further crime is usually an automatic violation of these conditions. Additionally, other factors, such as failing a drug test, can count as a violation and lead to a person’s rearrest.

Prior to 2013, parolees could be sent back to jail to serve the remainder of their sentence after having their parole revoked by the Board of Parole Hearings. Since this time, however, an individual can be sent back to prison by a court’s decision. Those who are found to not have violated their parole will be free again, but their initial parole terms, conditions and time frame will still exist.

Bail Amounts for Parole Violations

Bail amounts for parole violations aren’t the typical ones that most people face. A person who is arrested for parole violation because they are accused of a new crime, for instance, will face the bail amount for that crime. Unfortunately for these individuals, parole violations will enhance these bail amounts. In Los Angeles and Sacramento Counties, for example, a person will face a $25,000 enhancement on whatever their base bail amount is.

These incredibly high financial burdens can obviously be difficult for anyone to meet. Since an individual can be held for up to 180 days on a parole violation, this can lead to a sometimes unfairly extended incarceration term. This is a charge you would definitely want to speak with an experienced bond agent at Bail Hotline about, to determine what the possibilities and costs of posting bail might be in your circumstance.

Penalties Related to Parole Violations

The penalties related to parole violations may be very familiar to a person who isn’t victorious at their revocation hearing. This is because they will often simply be sent back to prison to finish out the full term that they were initially sentenced to. This means that regardless of whether a person was released on parole during a three year sentence or a 50 year sentence, they’ll be forced to spend the rest of this time imprisoned.

Additionally, if a person’s parole is revoked due to the commission of a new crime, they’ll also face sentencing for that crime if they’re convicted. This can turn a sentence of a few years into a potential lifetime behind bars.

An accusation of parole violation can land a person, who may have strived to achieve parole in the first place, back into prison. This is why an individual who is charged with this violation should quickly seek legal help in order to increase their chances of not facing incarceration. There’s no doubt that those in this situation face a difficult road ahead, but with the right preparation and assistance, this task isn’t insurmountable.


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