Bail Hotline Hollenbeck Event


Today, meeting such a great man such as Danny Hernandez (President & CEO) & hearing Arnold Swarzenegger speak about coming to our Country as an immigrant with no one and nothing but himself was humbling. (Powerful Men giving back selflessly)

When Arnold talked about not having anything and not knowing anyone but yet strangers at his gym gave him Christmas presents! That was awesome. Because of something some of us may see as so simple, it can be life changing for one person and for Arnold it was.

Now that one person is a famous actor, former politician and chooses for the last “17 Years,” to give back to an undeserved community such as the Hollenbeck district.

Not only on Christmas BUT also him and some of the LAPD & Big5 come and pass out Turkeys etc on Thanksgiving! He says he loves America & the opportunities he’s been given that allowed him to become in the position he’s currently in which allows him to be able to give back because EVERY1 deserves a Happy Thanksgiving with food on the table and a Merry Christmas with toys to open.

Alongside Mr. Terminator is the wonderful LAPD who continually show their support and generosity since helping to originate this wonderful Youth Center, BIG5, Oscar De La Hoya Foundation, District Attorney Jackie Lacey (personally donated 100 bikes), and to all the volunteers and anyone else I missed. Honestly such a blessing being alongside you all today, giving back to the community.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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